• Abiki

Managing Your Business was never easier

Abiki is a platform to run all your business applications in one box. Super simple to setup and get started. You can enable a wide variety of applications for your business, from contact managers, project trackers, catalog publishers to customer relationship management (CRM) applications

Abiki comes with a gallery of ready to use applications that work as one unified platform for business. You can start by enabling the contacts application to have a unified view of contacts across your team. If your business deals with inventory or stock lists you can enable the inventory application. All these applications automagically work with each other as one single business dashboard.

On-premise software platform for all your business applications, ready to run out of the box.

Get your team onto Abiki in 5 minutes

Abiki was meant to be used out of the box. When you start the management console you will see a bunch of applications that are available for your team. All you have to do is enable applications that make most sense for your business and hit the start button. Your team can now start using Abiki.

What can Abiki do for You?

A succesfull business has an eye on a ton of things. From keeping track of contacts to managing delivery of projects, from building product catalogs to keeping track of sales and marketing activity. No business is the same through out the year, if you start serving new products to customers your software needs to adapt and help you. Abiki was built with this specific purpose in mind, to be a simple business management platform that evolves with your business.

How does it Work?

You can start with a basic application to manage contacts and gradually evolve into complete customer relationship management or sales solution as your business evolves. Abiki lets you add new applications as your business grows. All of these applications work as one to give you the power of a complete business platform. Here is a short video overview of Abiki. You can also visit the demos section to view how-to guides and feature demos.

Super simple to Manage and Grow your Business

Feature Highlights

The Apps

  • Contacts & Customers
  • Projects & Activities
  • Case Management
  • Centralized Document Repository


  • Zero configuration
  • Browser based interface
  • No server administration
  • lightweight, works on a desktop


  • Extensible applications
  • Completely customizable
  • Responsive fast UI

Power of One

  • Integrated applications that work with each other
  • One simple dashboard for your entire business
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What applications does it have?

We have identified the most commonly used applications for business and bundled them into the platform. We also keep adding new applications to Abiki in every release and the platform will automatically apply updates. If you find something you need we may even add it free of cost.

Do I have to pay for every user?

No, You pay per installation and have as many users as you wish on one installation.

What about server grade hardware?

Abiki was designed to make optimum use of your existing hardware, you can install the service on a desktop and have it available for your team. Though it never hurts to have the best hardware you can afford.

Is it Secure?

Abiki is designed to run within an intranet and secured behind a firewall. The current version is designed with basic security and authentication. We do not recommend running Abiki in an open internet environment when you have sensitive data to protect. We are also working on stronger security measures for the future.

Will It Scale?

Specifically designed for small businesss with less than 30 users. The applications are lightweight and maintenance free to ease your IT staff burden.

Minimum H/w Requirements?

1.6 Ghz CPU
1024x768 resolution

What about licensing?

You will have to purchase a license per installation. The number of users is not limited. A Pro license also comes with one year of upgrades to the platform and Gold support plan.

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