Demos & Walkthroughs

The demos are structured as easy to learn chapter like modules. If you are new to the product start with the Overview. If you are already familiar jump into any demo of interest.

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Tutorial [Part 1/3]

Building A Complete Application

This is a 3 part Tutorial on building a complete Time Tracker application using LyteRAD.
[Length: 6:00 Mins]

Part 1/3 of this tutorial
Part 2/3 of this tutorial
Part 3/3 of this tutorial

Quick Overview

First App in 2 mins

Watch this if you are in a hurry to get started, you can always return for more detailed walkthroughs.
[Length: 2:00 Mins]

2 Min Overview

Table Operations

Basic Table Operations

Walks you through the process of creating tables, Adding and modifying records, searching for information and other Table related tasks.
[Length: 2:53 Mins]

Table Operations Overview

Math Triggers

Math Triggers

LyteRAD supports many types of triggers. A MathTrigger will help you evaluate an expression or calculate a value from other fields.
[Length: 1:20 Mins]

Math Triggers Overview

Form Designer

Form Designer

Create and customize forms for your tables. You can also share your form creations as images for discussions or documentation.
[Length: 1:19 Mins]

Form Designer Overview

MultiItem Datatype

MultiItem Datatype

MultiItem Datatype defines a multi table relationship. This demos uses an Invoice table to define a relationship to an Invoice Items table.
[Length: 2:01 Mins]

MultiItem Overview

Data Model

Data Model Diagrams

Create and save Data Model diagrams of your tables. These diagrams are a great way to communicate your schema design with others.
[Length: 0:52 Mins]

MultiItem Overview

Designing Reports

Designing Reports

This module shows you how to design and save reports for your tables. It walks you through various column attributes and filtering options.
[Length: 1:52 Mins]

Designing Reports Overview

Web Applications

Multi-User Web Applications

This module shows you how to build a multi user browser based applications. You can edit an existing desktop application and turn it into a multi user web app.
[Length: 1:06 Mins]

Web Applications Overview

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Analytics is a powerful feature of LyteRAD that allows you to spot trends and patterns in your table. You can also use the analytics feature as a visual query tool to fetch records.
[Length: 1:36 Mins]

Data Analytics Overview

Live Apps

Customizing a live App

You can evolve and grow you applications as your needs change. Make realtime changes to the database as often as you want and still have your applictaion and data intact.
[Length: 2:14 Mins]

Customization Overview