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Software for Fitness Centers, Health Clubs & Gyms

A complete management solution for small gyms, and health clubs. Takes less than 15 minutes to get started. Simple, elegant and completely customizable. No monthly fees or per user charges.

  • Members & Memberships management
  • Track payments and member activity
  • Create your own Membership Plans
  • MultiUser and browser enabled
  • Unlimited customization options
  • One year support and free upgrades
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Simple and Quick
Access important information quickly. Convinient buttons to quickly bring up member and membership information, Plain text searching for information. Generate many types of reports instantly.

Front Desk & Member Records

The Main Screen provides quick access to important information for Front Desk operations.

  •     Browse Member PhotoIDs
  •     Member Contact Info for Emergencies
  •     Fast random searches

Searches are super fast and work with partial information like name, email or membershipID.
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Manage Everyday Operations

Daily operations can be handled with ease from multiple locations.

  •     Record Member CheckIns
  •     Keep Track of Payments
  •     Manage Memberships & Members
  •     Track recent customers and expiring memberships.
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Completely Customizable Reports

A wide variety of reports are included with GymKit

  •     Member Lists
  •     CheckIns For Today
  •     Memberships Report
  •     Payments Till Date
  •     Email Lists
  •     Vendors Report

You can further create your own reports and customize the existing ones easily.
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Manage Vendor Information
Keep track of equipment vendors and related information like important contacts and phone numbers. Print Vendor lists for reference, you can further modify vendor lists to have preference and service contract information.
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MultiUser Browser Interface

You can access GymKit as a standalone desktop application and as a multiuser browser application.

  •     Multi-User Enabled
  •     Access from any browser on a LAN
  •     Self configuring and maintenance free
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Maximum ROI
GymKit comes with a license of LyteRAD Pro, a code free platform to build business solutions quickly. You can access the LyteRAD Gallery which has many free applications for business like invoicing, inventory, contact management and much more. InFact GymKit is one of the pre-built applications offered in our gallery.

LyteRAD allows you to build your own custom solutions that you need as your business grows. More information on the LyteRAD home page.
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System Requirements

  • 1.6 Ghz CPU
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 1024x768 resolution

License Info

  • 1 year support & upgrades
  • 1 LyteRAD Pro License
  • Unlimited Gallery Access
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1 fixed price