The Founder's Letter


I am Girish, the founder and developer of LyteRAD. We have had an exciting seven years in building many useful products. As the year draws to a close I would like to share something very special and personal. A note about our tinkerer spirit and our product R&D.


Seven years ago we set out on a journey to create lyterad, a one of a kind desktop database with a code free IDE to build applications. Quite innovative for its time, you could flip a switch and turn any lyterad app into a web based application too.

Like many bootstrapped firms we worked hard to get the initial product out and faced the challenge of marketing on a shoe string budget. As you can expect we met limited success in terms of profits

Interestingly every customer was awed by the product and wanted tons of more features while we struggled to keep the team afloat. Our intention was to build a traditional business with a healthy cashflow and avoid external funding so that we get to do exciting things at our own sweet terms.


Being the tinkerers we are by nature, we noticed mounting interest in mobile space and we started tinkering with Java 2 Micro Edition. In 2010 when android was still in its infancy, we had the first J2ME based mobile database called LyteMobile, but soon the android storm took over. As a company we had to go into suspended animation as we literally did not have the reserves to do much, but we knew for sure that we had great products and it was just too late to approach investors. We took up corporate jobs to manage our personal lives and to get a breather from a recession like economy that was all around.


We also built Abiki a whole suite of business apps from crm to bug tracking on our newly built lyterad platform. Due to the unfortunate economic and business conditions, Abiki never came out of beta. But we always had interested users downloading the early beta release over the years.


I personally noticed that there was a lot of interest from users in an android app on the lines of LyteMobile. I started off slidingbits to build Minibee an Android database which was met with good response, and in the process we also made a few other useful apps for Android, just because we could. As the play store got more and more competetive and driven by big marketing budgets we got to meet a lot of indie devs who were struggling to get their apps in front of their users, many times they had great apps with not enough exposure.


These developments lead me to building an app discovery service with a unique twist. The idea was to move app discovery away from ratings and downloads to a more wholesome curated approach, though biased by the curators, users loved it. We launched the first version on Nov 18th 2015 and we have a great road ahead for the product.

Dec 2015

You maybe wondering what does this have to do with LyteRAD? All these years we didnt leave it hanging, we did minor changes and bug fixes to keep the trickle of customers happy. We were expecting desktop apps to slowly fade into oblivion with the advent of cloud and mobile apps. On the contrary LyteRAD users have gradually increased and we have been pondering whether we should start fresh efforts in reimagining the feature set.

I'm glad to say that we will reinvent ourselves, pull all our different products under an umbrella in our own alphabetical manner. We considered a crowdfunding campaign to kick start the consolidation initiative, but our inner voice told us that our own community of users are the best investors as they get to buy innovative products and we get funded to make strides in progress.

So join us in the journey and experience our products with a fresh new approach in 2016.

Make a small investment today and purchase a bundle of our best products at an unbelievable price. As always all products come with a promise of free upgrades forever.

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Your contribution will fund the visionary roadmap we have for 2016.

Season's Greetings! and Wishing you a fantastic year to come

Best Regards
Girish . B

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