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The best piece of small business software for building a desktop database application

There are many uses of LyteRAD

Desktop database

LyteRAD can be used as a simple database to quickly create tables and start using them for storing information. The LyteRAD IDE provides quick access to creating and table structures, defining relationships and adding records. The super intuitive search and query interface requires no knowledge of SQL, letting you drill down into data in seconds. The database requires zero configuration and setup, its ready to use the minute you install it.

Our philosophy of building great software is based on agile concepts. We believe great software does not happen over night but evolves at every step towards completeness and finally greatness. LyteRAD supports real time editing and modification of table structures and data to keep up with your changing needs. As you change schemas and structures everything adapts to it, from web forms to reports, everything is agile.

LyteRAD is also future proof, supports JDBC drivers to connect to industry standard database backends for large volumes of data or for enterprise grade reliability and performance needs.

The only piece of desktop database software you will need to evolve your application from a set of tables to a full blown web application.

Small business software platform for building desktop database application

Building a desktop database application requires many different things to come together. You would need a bit of schema design to handle information storage, you would need a few forms to get people to put in data, you would need SQL to search and retrieve data as needed by the application, you would need some reporting skills to generate useful and good looking reports periodically and to top it off you need to pack them all together as an application. It is a feat in itself to have one person do all of this. LyteRAD does just that in one easy to use platform in a few minutes.

We took the most difficult parts of building a desktop database application and reduced it to a few clicks so that you get to focus on what you want to build while the platform quietly does mundane chores in the background, including configuration and database management.

You can also build applications that you can share with colleagues or customers, we call them distributables.

RAD framework for rapid prototyping

Custom applications are a great fit for any business or profession. Most people are put off by the sheer size and diversity of skills required to build a custom solution. Rapid application development (RAD) frameworks solve just that problem. RAD frameworks allow you to assemble and customize pre-built components into a useful application. Zero code to write opens up a world of possibilities. You can apply the techniques of rapid prototyping to build and tweak working software into complete solutions in no time.

Rapid prototyping helps you to build and try your solution at the same time. Instead of spending endless hours at the drawing board you get to build a usable application that can be evolved into a full blown solution in no time. Our simple to use IDE provides a zero code interface to turn your ideas into bits and bytes.

LyteRAD framework allows you to customize and extend an application even after deployment, we call it agile RAD.

Business application gallery

We have a rich gallery of ready to use small business solutions. In an age of app stores for phones, why not have the same simplicity for business solutions?. We provide just that, LyteRAD allows you to browse and download many types of applications from our application gallery. You can contribute back to the community and have your business application listed in our gallery too.

Our Pro user get to download and use unlimited applications from our application gallery. Every application can be further customized and modified to match your need.

Rapid prototyping a complete application in 2 Minutes or less

Here is a short video that walks you through the creation of a fully functional application in less than 2 minutes. Rapid prototyping allows you to build a fully functional application in a few minutes. You will see how to create tables to hold information, how to add UI widgets into an application and how to add new records into a table. You can also visit the demos section to view a 3 part tutorial on building a complete applications. The demo section has many other how-to guides and feature demos.

Quite simple and fantastic, my application evolves with my business

Feature Highlights

Application Designer

  • Simple app designer
  • No coding needed
  • Unlimited applications
  • Build multi-user web enabled apps

In-Memory Database

  • Zero config database for a quick start
  • Create custom tables, reports & charts
  • Automatic forms and Spreadsheet like views
  • JDBC connectivity for other databases


  • Generate reports in seconds
  • Visual analytics and data explorer
  • SQL free visual searches

App Gallery

  • Many Pre-Built applications to get you started
  • From mini CRM to complete business automation
  • Share your applications in the gallery
  • Seamless integrated access to gallery
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What Can I Build?

You can start with managing contacts, leads, sales and go on to build domain specific applications like tracking projects, manage students in a school, or just about any database application with zero code.

What database do you support?

LyteRAD comes with a maintenance free NoSQL database that is suitable for most small business needs. You can also configure a JDBC compliant database backend when needed.

What kind of applications can I build?

You can build standalone desktop applications or multi-user browser based applications using the same tool. The applications and platform are Java based

Will It Scale?

Specifically designed for small businesss with less than 50 users. The applications are lightweight and maintenance free to ease your IT staff burden.

Minimum H/w Requirements?

1.6 Ghz CPU
1024x768 resolution

What about licensing?

You will have to purchase a license per installation. The number of users is not limited. A Pro license also comes with one year of upgrades to the platform and Gold support plan.

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